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Raymond Ryczek, nicknamed 'Raisins' because he always carried raisins in his pocket, with his brother Leon at right.

Working out of one work truck and a garage in Bay City in the late 1940s were the humble beginnings of Ryczek Heating & Cooling, Inc.

The Ryczek brothers, Ray and Leon started the business in 1947. The business specialized in heating.

Ray's son, Jim, now owns and operates the business that his father had started. Jim ran the business out of his father's old shop and home in the south end of Bay City until the business outgrew that location.

What started out as a one man operation run out of a garage, is now a team of employees in a 9,000 square foot building. The business has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years thanks to the dedication of hard work and satisfied customers.

Raymond Ryczek stands near one of the company's early Chevolet trucks.

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Linda Ryczek, daughter of Ray, plays near one of the early Ryczek work trucks. Notice the five digit telephone number on the side of the truck.


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