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Ryczek Inc. gets award

The Bay Area Chamber of Commerce has given Ryczek Heating and Cooling the Ambassador's Brick Award. For complete details see the newsletter page.

Website links to company’s past

Fifty years ago brothers Ray and Leon Ryczek couldn't have imagined anything like the Internet. Their company, known as Ryczek Brothers, was primarily focused on installing residential heating equipment in the Tri-City area.

But Jim Ryczek, current owner of Ryczek Heating and Cooling, Inc., believes that his father and uncle would be proud of the company's website. "Dad would be amazed to see what his two man, one truck operation has grown into."

The company, which has seen tremendous growth in the past five years, has a link to the past that is very strong. They feel the Internet is one way to keep in touch with that rich history. "We want to give our customers a feel for the quality experience they receive when hiring Ryczek Heating and Cooling and part of that experience can be seen by looking into our past," said Ryczek.

The website has a page devoted to the company's beginnings with historic photos of the brothers and their first truck.

But the website offers more than just a look into the past. Many heating and cooling websites just deal with the specifications of the equipment they sell. Ryczek Heating and Cooling's site goes beyond that, the site gives customers a look into what makes Ryczek Heating and Cooling, Inc., such an outstanding company.

"Over the years we've built up a reputation for quality work," said Ryczek. "I've gone back to houses where the furnace was originally installed by my father, fifty years ago. His craftsmanship is something we strive to fulfill every time we're on a job."

You don't have to take Jim's word for the quality of work they do, the website includes letters of recommendation from past customers. "You are truly skilled craftsmen, something that is generally difficult to find today," is just one of the letters you can find online from satisfied customers.

Ryczek customers will also find more value for their hard earned money when they surf the company's website. Included on the site are web coupons that can help customers save money. The coupons will change throughout the year so customers should check back on a regular basis for savings opportunities.

Some other features of the site include:

• A complete list of products and services offered by Ryczek Heating and Cooling.
• A look at the new showroom, featuring a relaxed living room atmosphere.
• The Heating and Cooling Times, a newsletter with upcoming events and tips.
• A 24-hour emergency phone number.
• A career section with an online job application form.
• Answers to frequently asked questions and an email link to ask any other questions.

Technology may be changing the nuts and bolts of Ryczek Heating and Cooling, Inc., but good old-fashioned pride in workmanship is a link the company will always have to its roots, both online and off.

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