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The newsletter of Ryczek Heating and Cooling, Incorporated

The Cooling Season

As we head into the summer it's a good time to have your air-conditioner checked out. A little bit of preventive maintenance now will save you from sitting in a pool of sweat during those days of sweltering heat.

Air-conditioners are complex so yearly checkups should be done by an expert that will clean the unit, oil the motor and check the level of refrigerant.

Running a unit that is dirty or poorly maintained is only asking for problems. Efficiency and a drastic shortening of lifespan will result without proper care. Plus an inefficiency air-conditioner just sucks up money and energy.

If you notice that your energy bills are growing but your use is not it may be time to replace your old unit. Modern day units are much more energy thrifty. So don't wait for your current unit to suck in its last breath. The best thing to do might be to replace with a modern, high effienct air-conditioner from Ryczek Heating and Cooling.

Ryczek receives
"The Brick" award

Chamber of Commerce
bestows honor for renovation

The Bay Area Chamber of Commerce will give Ryczek Heating and Cooling Inc. the Ambassador's Brick Award during its January Eye-Opener Lunch.

The award is for renovations done to the old Perkins Manufacturing building which now houses Ryczek Heating and Cooling Inc. The 9,000 square foot building had been vacant since a fire destroyed part of the structure.

Renovation included new trusses, roof, siding and windows. The new building gave Ryczek space for storage, a workshop for custom sheet metal work, more office space and a beautiful showroom. The expansion also resulted in the hiring of five additional employees.


Bay City Times article spotlights
Ryczek Heating and Cooling, Inc.

A Bay City Times article, in the Monday, May 21, 2001 issue, highlighted the many years of service that Ryczek Heating and Cooling, Inc. have had in the Tri-City area. The story by Times writer Frank C. Lee starts out by making the connection between the company's humble beginning to now soliciting business on the Internet.

Lee started the article by saying, "From two men and a truck to soliciting business on the information superhighway, Ryczek Heating & Cooling Inc. of Bay City has weathered the ups and downs of the economy through four decades. During that time, mankind made it to the moon, the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed, but the family run business, founded in 1947, outlasted its competitors in an ever-changing world."

The article continues by stating how much the times have changed. Jim Ryczek is quoted as saying. "Everything has changed. Everything is a lot higher tech. Thermostats are now programmable for example. Furnaces are way more efficient and they have more safety controls."

"They are more complicated now. It used to be the average person could do some minor repairs on their own, but now really the homeowner doesn't understand what they've got on their hands," said Ryczek.

We received a lot of good feedback about the article from friends and customers alike. We would like to thank writer Frank C. Lee and Times photographer Dick Van Nostrand for their time and professionalism in presenting our story.



How to save money this summer

A new air-conditioner is twice as efficient as one that is older (example
15 yrs old) so replacing your old one with a new one may be a good

Tune-up your existing air conditioner.

Insulate attics (especially attics with less than seven inches of insulation), walls, and flooring over unheated crawl spaces or basements.

To save money and energy keep your thermostat set at your desired temperature--it's best not to turn your thermostat up and down a lot--maintaining a temperature is cheaper.

Turn on your air-conditioner unit and set your desired temperature on your thermostat ahead of time if you know it's going to be a hot day.

To save money and energy change air-filter in furnace or air-handler monthly (sooner if any remodeling is being done).

Keep bushes and flowers cut back from air-conditioning unit (at least 16"inches of clearance).

Keep at least 5'feet of clearance above unit if the air-conditoner has a top discharge.

On high humidity days keep windows shut in the evening--it just loads the house up with humidity.



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