Trained Service Technicians

Ryczek Heating & Cooling has the most respected residential installation and repair department in Bay, Saginaw, Midland and Tuscola counties, with in-field supervisors and managers.

Installations and repairs are accomplished by good planning, proper scheduling and most important. . . by people who really care about the end result. Whether your furnace needs a good cleaning or a major repair, Ryczek Heating and Cooling is here for you.


Ryczek Heating & Cooling consultants are the most thoroughly trained in our industry. Capable of analyzing heat loss and gain, annual operating cost, payback, duct design and all other aspects of heating, cooling and comfort needs.

Our team of experts at Ryczek Heating & Cooling care about what your needs are, rather than what we want to offer you. Because of the variety of products we sell, our service team and technical specialists can help you whenever your heating, cooling or duct system need repairs, parts or service.

Energy Savings Agreement

With our Energy Savings Agreement you will receive semi-annual tune-ups on your central heating or air conditioning systems. This agreement is available in one, two or three-year plans.

Benefits include…

  • 13 point, semi-annual tune-ups
  • Furnace and blower cleaning
  • Improved efficiency, resulting in lower utility bills
  • Longer equipment life span
  • Fewer emergency repairs
  • Increased capacity
  • 15% discount on both labor and materials
  • And if you should ever have an emergency repair you’ll receive…

Priority Service

No overtime fees

If you would like to get more information on the cost and terms of the Energy Savings Agreement call us or drop us an email and we’ll get right back with you

Duct-cleaning and sanitizing

Over time the air ducts in your home can become traps for contaminants like mold and mildew, pet hair and dander, tobacco smoke, dust mites, pollen, dirt and bacteria. With each breath, you could be inhaling the pollutants present in these unsanitary conditions.

If you have allergies or have noticed stale odors or extra dust in your home, we can help.

Our patented Hepa-Aire system from Abatement Technologies rids your heating and cooling system of these pollutants and leaves the air in your home fresh and clean.

Call us for the details. You’ll be glad you did.